The Mindset of a Rich Life - Mindset Series Part 1 of 6

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In this video, Ken discusses Mindset and outlines what it means to live a "rich life". Below is the full transcript of the video.

[00:02] Hey everybody. Ken McElroy here. What we're gonna do is, we're gonna talk about Mindset. I really think that this is something that a lot of people don't do very well. I think a lot of people including myself when I was younger I went through life very unconscious about the things I was doing, and only later as I got a little more wise, a little more aware did I try to start to understand why I started thinking the way that I thought, and so, what we're gonna is, we're gonna talk about the mindset of, this is what I call the rich life.

[00:39] It's important that we try to understand what everybody thinks is a rich life, because a rich life is very, very different for all kinds of people. When I was a young man for me it meant financial, but that no longer is my focus. Right now it's health. I think that rich life can be many, many things. It can be health, it can be relationships, it can be spirituality, it can be financial, and, of course, what we're gonna talk a lot about in this series is wisdom.

[01:14] The rich life I think is something that everybody is trying aspire to, and your mindset is what gets in the way, and we're gonna talk a lot about mindset. We're gonna talk a lot about self concepts. We're gonna talk about belief systems, and habits, and why they generate your results, but this Mindset of a Rich Life, it's an important series, and a lot of you I think are gonna go, "Oh, I do don't need any of that, all I need is somebody to tell me what to do, and all I need is the data, and all I need is somebody to tell me what market to invest in."

[01:45] And, we'll get into that, because that's what most people want, and that's what most people get in school, but I can tell you from my own personal experience, now I have been doing this for 30 years that really wisdom is all around this whole thing. Understanding the knowledge that you have, and putting it into your rich life as the most important things, because as you guys evaluate your relationships, or your health, and lets just talk about those two things.

[02:13] You guys know where you are. We talked a little bit about this in another video, but, for example, I have very good relationships with family, and my kids right now, okay? And, hopefully that stays that way for a long time, but I will tell you that it's work. Every single day, every single week, every single month it's work. Same thing on my health. There're times where I've been healthy, and times where I haven't been healthy. Same thing on my finances. There're have been times where I have been broke, and really poor, and there have been times where I have been very rich.

[02:49] Each one has a different relationship, and each one has a different mindset, and how you change your mindset, and how you change your belief systems will absolutely determine whether, or not you have a rich life, so thanks for watching this series. I hope you get a lot out of it, and be sure to watch the next video on How To Achieve The Very Best Rich Life That You Can. Thank you.