The Stock Market vs Real Estate from an Investor's Perspective...



The age old question has always been “Do I invest in the stock market or real estate?”  

This is a great questions and I want to explore both in this blog.

I obviously endorse real estate, but I do want you to know the pros and cons of each.


Investing in stocks is the way most people start. This is because stocks are easy and convenient with a small learning curve. There are some benefits to stocks as well. For one, stocks are easy to buy and sell. This is great if you need your cash fast. Another benefit is you cna start with any amount, no matter how small. Yet, what I don’t like about the stock market is there can be high volatility. I personally don’t like investments with that high of risk. You can also lose it all with a stock. Just think Enron. I know stocks are a popular option that may work for some people, but I always ask people to expand their mindset and consider investing in real estate.


I have always felt better about putting my hard earned money into real estate. My initial reasoning was because you can walk in and see what your money has gotten you, you don't just own a piece of paper you actually own an asset. Becasue you own it you also have more control of how this investment does and the returns you get on it. While your real estate value may go up or down you will never lose it. If you continue to hold onto it then it will continue to provide you with a recurring income. There are also tax breaks and other benefits I discusss in my video series.  

To hear from one of my Investors either watch the video above or read the full transcript below.

I started investing early. I was fortunate to have been born the son of a banker and so investment and investing habits have been instilled in me since I've been a child and so I was able to accumulate enough over the years to be in a position to invest in real estate and it's been a very good experience. The biggest positive impact my investing has had or I should say our investing because my ROIs involved with us as well is that all my investments with MC Companies has been for retirement and because of the success that we've had to date on every single investment that we've made with them our future is much more secure. The other thing I like about it is the the cash flow percentages that that I'm extrapolating into the future are going to allow us to have a better retirement so the the cash flow on cash returns are higher than say dividends from the stock market and. So we look forward to a very comfortable retirement my biggest challenge as far as investing has been actually investing in Tucson properties where I'm from and where I work in commercial real estate



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One of the reasons I was attracted to MC Companies was being able to diversify investment money out of Tucson in the market places that I deemed safer and stronger than the Tucson marketplace. So we've had investments in in Houston and in Dallas and San Antonio and done quite well so when the Tucson eight came up it was more than a challenge to invest and take part in that investment but talking with with Ross raised my comfort level and the rest is history. It's been an excellent investment and looks like it's gonna be even better in the future knowing what I know now what would I have done differently. Quite frankly I would have started investing in real estate personally a lot earlier. I was conservative and went more with stock market mutual fund type type investments and Baird through the ups and the downs of the stock market. The last time it went down over 50% my wife and I decided we don't want to have that much volatility moving forward thought real estate was more stable and that was why we we made the change in wish we had made the change a lot earlier. How important has been my education in making investment decisions I have the good fortune to be employed in the commercial real estate business so I've continued to take educational classes to quite frankly enhance my career which indirectly or directly has helped me become I think a more educated investor more knowledgeable investor in in real estate.


This makes me a little different than some of the investors that are part of of MC that have little if any real estate background but definitely the more you learn the more you educate yourself the more comfort level that that you get it all comes down to trust real estate returns are secondary to me the integrity and the honesty of people I deal with an investment with is the single most important thing. So having a relationship with someone like Ross McAllister I don't get to see Ken McElroy that much because he's up in Phoenix but I see Ross quite a bit I just don't even think for a second when I'm told of some information or a forecast I know it's genuine and it's honest and that's why I will continue to invest in this company.


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